Wild Writing

Wild Writing

Wild Writing is a timed writing process that we use to tell our stories with and to uncover the themes we want to write about.

wildwrite_013For 15 minutes we write as fast as we can, pen never leaving the page. By writing so quickly we are able to push past our inner critic and our ego and all the ways we stay trapped in looking good. This gives us a chance to move into a less self conscious, loose groove where, if we’re lucky we may stumble into the fertile imagination that lingers within us, conjuring up stories and memories that are waiting to be written.

After we write we read our work aloud. We don’t critique, but instead feed back to the writer some of the words or phrases we heard and that resonated with us. We do this three times within the session. This technique, while very therapeutic, is also a wonderful way to jumpstart any good writing project because it helps you get to the chewy nougat of what you are trying to say.

You don’t have to be a writer to take the class… But merely someone who wants to let loose, take risks, push past well worn territory and move into something new.

I keep each class small, no more than 9 women. Check the schedule for upcoming classes and get in touch with us if Wild Writing sounds like something you’d like to be a part of.

 Wild Writing Workshops  (In-Person Classes)
5-week Spring/Summer series – Cost: $220

Tuesdays in Alameda @27 Powers

May 5 – June 9 10am-12pm

Wednesdays in Alameda – PERSONAL ESSAY CLASS

May 6th – June 3

Thursdays in Berkeley    
May 7 June 18   9:30-11:30am  

Fridays in Alameda @ 27 Powers  
May 8  – June 19  9:15-11:15am

Interested in joining us in May 2015?
Email Laurie and let her know

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For the last five years or more I have been taking Laurie Wagner’s wild writing course.  It is truly one of the most poignant, rich and satisfying classes I have ever taken. It is also the very best way I know to get to deeper places in my writing, where I am able to reveal the truth of my heart in a vulnerable and powerful way. For any of the successes I have had in my writing, I owe them partly to Laurie and her exceptional courses and coaching. Perhaps even more than anything else, I appreciate what Laurie so gracefully makes space for– intimacy, connection, and sacred space to do creative work.”

– Andrea Scher
Superhero Journal and Mondo Beyondo

“She has these amazing eyes that are sweet, deep and clear. And she has a sunny molasses voice that pours over you. You relax and begin to open and just when you stop self-critiquing and really quiet down, you realize she’s got you where you didn’t know you wanted to be:  Ready to face the abyss, willing to keen your ears into the silence, welcoming whatever comes.

– Cynthia Cummins

Laurie somehow knows how to get us past the sneaky critical voices telling us it has to be perfect or why do it at all….you find yourself writing into this big beautiful open space you forgot existed until Laurie opened the door.”

– Melinda Blackorby, Poet

“If you want to set yourself free, Laurie’s Wild Writing course is for you. Laurie has the amazing ability to give you the comfort, oomph and inspiration to get things on paper you didn’t know you had in you – your best writing from your deepest truest self. I’m taking every course she offers and recommend that you do too.”

– Susan Harrow
CEO of PR Secrets and
Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

 Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. – Anton Chekhov

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