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Upcoming Events


Summer Concert Series: Scarth Locke + MacClain and Cole

Sunday, September 28th, 7-9 PM

27 Powers Summer Concert Series welcomes Scarth Locke, with opening act MacClain & Cole for an evening of rock and roll under the stars.


Telling True Stories

October 6 - November 7, 2014

Telling True Stories is for writers of every age from all around the world. It’s an invitation to bring your private observations + secret truths to life. To move through the world with a writer’s ears + eyes — as you channel the stories that are closest to your heart.


Opening the Creative Channel with Andrea Scher + Laurie Wagner

October 10-12th, 2014

Opening the Creative Channel is a gathering of kindred spirits who will share stories, gorgeous food + creative exercises.

New on the Blog

What Keeps Me Awake at Night

I may have time to get to the Girl Scout store to get the new troupe numbers and Girl Scout USA insignia. I wonder if those jeans are worth patching? Is this middle aged spread or have I been eating too many nuts? Nuts are good, right? 229 days till summer. Still time to work toward that bikini My feet don’t hurt that much. You know, my shoulder feels exactly like it did during the racquetball days. Damn mosquitoes. I don’t need any more new clothes. I should make some soup this week. I loved Gina’s white t.shirt and long...

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True Stories Series: Meet Andrea Scher

I’m starting a new section of my blog called The True Stories Series where I’ll be interviewing artists + writers + hard working creative types – people I admire and respect and who I’d like you to know about. Today I’d like to introduce you to Andrea Scher of Superhero Life. Artist + teacher, Andrea Scher was born under a lucky star. She might not agree with me because there are plenty of days she probably wishes — as do you and I — that the stars were shining a little more brightly on her. But then, one of her many super powers is...

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The Creamy Kung Foo of Writing True Stories

Writing about your real life is a tricky dance. Your life is your petri dish. You examine the things that happen, you make notes, you pay attention to small details and you consider whether you can unpack them to reveal something larger, something like a story. Moments become metaphors, lessons, things you want to understand better and share. If you’re good at it, you’re able to take these small moments of your life and crack them open to reveal the creamy center, the universal kung foo, the place where my story becomes your story, becomes a blessing or a teaching...

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