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Write Your Life Workshop: Sharing Your Life Story

September 20 21 9:30-4:30PM

27 Powers is thrilled to bring back Ann for another incredible workshop.

27 Powers Summer Concert Series

Summer Concert Series

Sunday, July 27th, 7-9 PM

27 Powers Summer Concert Series welcomes Felsen and Dara Ackerman for an evening of rock and roll under the stars.


Writing Prompts to Grow Your Powers

Delivered Daily to Your Door

Want to keep your writing practice alive over the summer? 27 Days brings the writing to you – every day for 27 days.

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Keep Coming Back

And so, after a couple of fairly unproductive days of writing – or – not writing – as the case was – days where I’d meant well, had made a little nest on the couch, surrounding myself with not only a pile of bills, but a list of writing assignments and essays I’d started, but which were going nowhere. After all that, I found myself jogging in my town with a little group of work out buddies from my gym. Most of us aren’t real runners, we just take orders from this horribly fit man named Nate who has no...

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Suzy Was Here

“Come on Gal!  Hit the ball!  God dammit!” This is the sound of my 77-year-old Mother shouting at herself during her tennis lesson this morning. “No! No! No!” she screams as she slams the racquet into the ball. “Move it!” she shouts, rushing to the net. She’s not actually playing with anyone, just hitting with Dan, the pro, an easy going guy in his early 60’s who stands at the net hitting balls to my Mom. “Suzy,” he says, lobbing her another ball, “if you do all the talking I’ll have nothing to teach you.” My Mother is hardcore. She’s broken her...

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Does This Blog Post Make Me Look Fat?

“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little. The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.” -      Agnes De Mille If you’re a woman, you’ll understand when I tell you that writing this blog post has been exactly like changing your clothes 17 times before you leave the house. Not pretty. Not easy. You upend your closet looking for something comfortable that also makes you look good, that hides the parts...

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