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Wild Spring Online

January 5th - April 1st

That’s right — we’re going to write together. Virtually. You in your little corner of the world and me in mine — hooked up by a video platform called Oovoo (like Skype but better!).


Wild Writing

January 5th - April 3rd

For 15 minutes we write as fast as we can, pen never leaving the page. By writing so quickly we are able to push past our inner critic and our ego and all the ways we stay trapped in looking good.

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Burrs, rough edges & tangled mats of hair

Today’s blog post comes to you from an island of burrs, rough edges, tangled mats of hair, and seaweed clumps. Seriously, I wish I’d strung those words together myself, but I was just as glad to find them in a book called Writing Open the Mind, by Andy Couturier. Like Andy, I am in the business of those burrs, those rough edges, tangled mats of hair and seaweed clumps. As a writer, I am interested in dark parts, those tucked away moments, not entirely pretty, sometimes hard to look at. My mentor, Deena Metzger, says that poetry is beauty and ugliness...

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True Stories Series: Bari Tessler Linden

I wanted to interview Bari Tessler Linden because I’m so intrigued with the work she does around money. As an artist and businessperson I know how difficult it can be to put price tags on my work and my time, to keep track of my dollars and to make financial goals. Ultimately, just becoming conscious of money as it impacts my life is huge. Bari is such a lovely, straightforward, generous woman — I wanted you to know her too. Bari, we know and love you as someone who does conscious money work. But before that, I know you trained...

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Hungry for the Sound of my own Music

This is one of my favorite blog posts from last year and the impetus for Opening The Creative Channel, my weekend workshop with Andrea Scher of Superhero Life.  Last year David Bowie put out a new record, which is a big deal in the music industry. The man is 67-years-old, a legend, a huge rock star. I’d heard an interview with a member of his band a few days before the record launched, and the interviewer asked, “What earlier record is this new one like?” I found myself hoping he’d say The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust or Hunky Dory...

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