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Telling True Stories

May 4 - June 5, 2015

Telling True Stories is for writers of every age from all around the world. It’s an invitation to bring your private observations + secret truths to life. To move through the world with a writer’s ears + eyes — as you channel the stories that are closest to your heart.


Wild Writing

May 4th - June 22nd

For 15 minutes we write as fast as we can, pen never leaving the page. By writing so quickly we are able to push past our inner critic and our ego and all the ways we stay trapped in looking good.


Trixie & Lulu’s School of Writin’

Trixie & Lulu's School of Writin'

This is not your mother's writing workshop! We aren't going to sugar-coat it and tell you the work's gonna be easy. Nope, we're gonna root around in the muck because that's where the gold is, and you know it!

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The Doggy Dog Truth

Here’s the doggy dog truth. It’s Thursday night and for practically a whole week, when I haven’t been teaching – which I do every morning – or going to the gym for a run, I’ve been sitting in this chair in my living room trying to write a piece on family, which someone has asked me to write. I’ve come at it from every angle, trying to find a way in, a great first line or an anecdote. I thought I had it at one point, but two smart writer friends sent me back to the drawing board. It’s due...

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No Can-Can Do

A palm reader once told me that as a writer, I would never be as popular as Danielle Steel. “But,” he said, “ if I wanted to continue my navel gazing, I was free to.” I didn’t really mind that he put me and Danielle Steel in the same sentence, but the phrase “navel gazing,” did make me wince. Was that all I was doing? Was I not contributing anything? That was 15-years ago. It’s funny what you remember and what sticks over the years. The truth is, I do spend a good amount of time reflecting on my life,...

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Telling Them a Story

I wonder which stories I’ll remember? That my ex-husband, their father, wrote prayers on little pieces of paper and stuck them into the walls of our house 9 years ago when we were remodeling? That when we ask for prayers we sometimes don’t get exactly what we asked for in the way we asked for it, but get something different, something even better. And so if the prayer said something like, “look after the people in this house,” or “take care of the people in this house,” it also might welcome their divorce because helping them to separate with love...

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