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Upcoming Events

Andy & Renee

Los Angeles Singer/Songwriter Folk Duo, Andy & Renee

August 30th

Get it While it's Hot!
27 Powers welcomes you to the Last House Concert of the Summer!
Join us under the stars for a gorgeous night of music
with Los Angeles the singer/songwriter folk duo Andy & Ren

Gregory Douglass

Summer House Concert with Gregory Douglass

July 18, 2015

27 Powers welcomes you to another awesome Summer House Concert
Join us under the stars for a gorgeous night of music with Los Angeles singer/songwriter Gregory Douglass

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An Evening with Memoirist, Sonya Lea

Friday, July 10th at 7:30 pm

Please join us for a very special evening with memoirist, Sonya Lea, author of the upcoming title 'Wondering Who You Are.'

New on the Blog

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  Remember that essay you had to write the first day back from summer vacation when you were a kid? This is what I hope I can write in a few months when September rolls around:     That some mornings I started the day in my nightgown on the side porch, in a patch of sun.   That I slept in on weekends, and got up early on weekdays to take a run or to write.   That I perfected the turkey burger; juicy and flavorful with pickles, spicy mustard and tomatoes on the side.   That I pulled out


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The Parting of the Veils

    I keep wanting to text my younger brother Wally, who is recovering from surgery in Los Angeles. I keep wanting to ask him, “What’s it like now?” to find out if he’s still standing in the light that shone when the veils parted two weeks ago, when a football sized tumor was discovered in his stomach. There he was, just a young guy in the middle of his life – busy, running a business, juggling 10,000 things – and then bam, everything that was so important evaporated, the veils parted, and he was reminded that his life was


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The Intelligence is in the Room 

One of the things I’ve been lucky enough to do over here at 27 Powers is to bring gifted writers and teachers from all over the country to the house to teach. Over the years I’ve had writers such as Marie Howe, Ellen Bass, Tony Hoagland, Stephen Dunn, Deena Metzger, actress Ann Randolph, Dorianne Lux, Joe Millar and Philip Gerard. I bring them so that my community of writers can study with these remarkable people, and learn things that I can’t teach them. But I also bring these folks for myself, so I can keep learning, not only about writing,


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