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Wild Writing Tele-Write (Teleconference)

December 18, 2014

I’d love to invite you to spend one hour with me, Wild Writing on Thursday, December 18th from 12-1pm Pacific time.


Writing Prompts to Grow Your Powers

Delivered Daily to Your Door

Want to keep your writing practice alive over the summer? 27 Days brings the writing to you – every day for 27 days.


Wild Spring Online

January 5th - April 1st

That’s right — we’re going to write together. Virtually. You in your little corner of the world and me in mine — hooked up by a video platform called Oovoo (like Skype but better!).

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Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Badly

“I’m nervous,” my Cousin Tom said as I greeted him in front of the synagogue in Boulder, Colorado last week. We were walking into my nephew Jonah’s Bar Mitzvah, and Tom, a rabbi who was visiting from Tucson – a man who can, incidentally do a headstand at the snap of a finger – even in full suit and tie – and who did do a headstand on the grass after the service – was going to be chanting a Hebrew Torah portion in the ceremony that morning. “Why are you nervous?” I asked. “This is what you do, this...

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True Stories Series: Maya Stein

Maya Stein is one of my very favorite writers in the whole world. She’s also one of my dearest friends – which shouldn’t preclude you from checking out this interview, but it might help you understand why I was able to ask her questions ranging from the see-through dress I saw her wearing once in the middle of the day, to the tumor the size of an egg that was lodged in her spine. I also talk to her about her fine, fine writing. Her weekly 10-Line-Tuesday poems are the medicine I take each week to help me locate what...

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Burrs, rough edges & tangled mats of hair

Today’s blog post comes to you from an island of burrs, rough edges, tangled mats of hair, and seaweed clumps. Seriously, I wish I’d strung those words together myself, but I was just as glad to find them in a book called Writing Open the Mind, by Andy Couturier. Like Andy, I am in the business of those burrs, those rough edges, tangled mats of hair and seaweed clumps. As a writer, I am interested in dark parts, those tucked away moments, not entirely pretty, sometimes hard to look at. My mentor, Deena Metzger, says that poetry is beauty and ugliness...

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